Do you love 3D? Accepting guest posts!

Modern technology gives us all great ways to achieve amazing stereoscopic experience.

3D projectors, 3D TV's, Oculus Rift and other modern stuff have created good environment for 3D gaming, for watching movies in three dimensions and in general to have an awesome three-dimensional experience.

But it's not just entertainment, 3D is widely used also in education and industry. Being able to virtually recreate our world is a big leap forward, for example educating future surgeons in virtual reality.

Why do I love 3D? 

When I was young, my first 3D stereographic experience was a simple stereo photo viewer. When I get older I discovered crossed-eye viewing method (I was never able to achieve 3D by parallel viewing). That was a lot of fun, but very unhealthy for eyes. And not very comfortable. Then I got my first anaglyph glasses. With them I was able to play 3D computer games. I enjoyed playing microsoft flight simulator with them, flat out and other great games. I also made some stereoscopic pictures with single camera. Now I have a 3D polarized television LG420lm which is fine, but I believe the revolution in 3D world will be Oculus Rift. At least for gaming.

 3D projection

I remember my first time in IMAX 3D cinema. It was the Space Station 3D movie and it was stunning experience. Experience in imax cinema was the best I was ever able to achieve. What a pity that imax cinema is no more working here in Slovakia.  Now we have a lot of digital 3D cinemas projecting movies like The Hobbit 3D, but it's nothing in comparison to what IMAX was able to achieve.  

Imax 3D was truly lifelike. I had to put down my glasses when there was a view of earth from ISS. The depth was extremely realistic (Yeah I was a kid then). Imax 3D cinema was my 3D paradise. 

Do you want to make your own home 3D cinema? Here are some good projectors.

Oculus rift

This is the device I'm looking for the most. Actually it's something which I was thinking about from when I was very young. Finally it has come, my dreams are coming true. Two wearable displays with AWESOME field of view and sensors reading your heads position and orientation. Awesome! I'm looking forward to higher resolution versions of oculus, and I'm definitely planning to buy one.


It's great that we see the world in 3D. Try to do stuff with one eye closed. How hard it is to guess the correct distance! Driving a car would be much harder, playing sports very hard. Guessing the correct position of the object is very important to us. With one eye we only see 2D, like on our common 2D LCD monitors.